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Quick start  for INFOMATO iMind

The memory concept: When we forgot, in most cases we do not remember how to pull the data out of our "massive" brain memory. We need cues to "jog" our memory.

iMind lets you create reminders that will jog your memory. An iMind reminder is a group of keywords that represents the idea, or can be associated with the idea. For example,

  • "daughter's best friend", "Melanie Tallman", "1st grade"
  • "membership ID", "sports club", "E2z3634"
  • "license plate", "Volkswagen bug", "Yr 2003", "5BRP830"

Keywords can also work as associations to other related reminders.

If you are not familiar with iMind, your can preload your iMind with the reminders used in case studies 1 and 2 below. Just download and double click these iMind exchange files (.iZip). Watch following video demos and try it on your preloaded iMind.

Case study 1 (find reminders)

A while back, your friend David told you about the latest Fisker Karma, a plugin-hybrid sports car. This car has an amazing 100 mpg (miles per gallon) efficiency while accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6 seconds(comparable to BMW M6). Thanks to a plugin-hybrid "engine" consisting of two electric motors which receive electric power generated by a 2 liter gas engine.

To help remember this interesting tip, you did make up a reminder with the following keywords (the order is not important):

  • sports car
  • Fisker Karma
  • 100 mpg
  • David

How do you recall this reminder after months or years have passed? Watch the following demo:

click to view demo

Case study 2 (find reminders + documents)

You surprisingly discovered the delightful Spinnaker Restaurant by the SF bay over the weekend. A great place for you to celebrate with friends or family on special occasions. They have a really good sea food menu. You gave the restaurant a nickname - the "blue chair" cafe.

To remember this special dining location, you have created a reminder with the following keywords (note, the order does not matter):

  • restaurant
  • sea food
  • Spinnaker
  • blue chair
  • SF bay

How do you recall this special place one month or years later? Watch the following demo:

click to view demo

Case study 3 (add new reminders)

The Tesla Roadster is an impressive next generation, 100% electric sports car. The "engine" of this car is an electric motor that delivers 276 ft/lbs of torque at zero speed (vs. 0 ft/lbs for a gas engine). The motor accelerates this vehicle from 0 - 60 in 4 seconds, leaving the Ferrari FXX in the dust while delivering the equivalent of a 250 mpg gas efficiency.

We suggest creating a reminder for this impressive vehicle with the following keywords:

  • sports car
  • Tesla Roadster
  • 0-60 in 4 seconds

Do you have a different keyword set? Can you make up one or multiple reminders for this case? Watch the following video.

click to view demo

Case study 4 (add new reminders + documents)

An important client of yours, Bob Benson (the CEO of ABC company), just hired a new executive secretary, Tova Strindberg. It will be a good idea if you can remember her name when you call and ask for Bob in the future. Tova also has a 3 year old daughter Lovisa.

We suggest a reminder for this situation with the following keywords:

  • ABC company
  • Bob Benson
  • Tova Strindberg
  • executive secretary

Do you have a different keyword set? Can you create at least one other reminder to help you build relationship with Tova?

click to view demo

Case study 5 (modified a reminder)

To continue on the case study 4, you just received an email from Tova that due to a corporate buyout Don Hinghead is now replacing Bob Benson as the interim CEO of the ABC Company. How do you modify the existing reminder to reflect this change?

click to view demo

In the demo, we first look up "Bob Benson." What if you first look up "Tova" or "ABC company"? Try it.


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