infomato iMind Icon INFOMATO iMind Utilities
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Network Utility ncluded in the Core package)

Account Management Utility
(included in the Core package)

(included in the Core package)

Data Backup 
Optional: Data Backup Utility

Data Move/Restore Utility 
Optional: Data Move/Restore Utilitypan>

Optional: Pro User Utility

I. Notebook: Enter here

II. Create/edit/delete your INFOMATO accounts: Watch this video demo

III. Restore/Move INFOMATO data (SQL database data): Watch this video demo

IV. Automatic database backup and scheduler Enter here

V. Connect to another INFOMATO PC/Server. Enter here

VI. Import from Windows: Enter here

VII. Update INFOMATO database when a Windows folder is moved or renamed (broken links). Enter here

VIII. Search file/email/web titles in INFOMATO database: Watch this video demo

IX. Windows® file synchronization: Enter here