The Forgetful Person's
"Instant Recall Machine"

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When you forget something important, is the process of trying to remember it a pain? Not if your iPhone delivers a series of hints along the way to jog your memory when you're stuck.

FORGET (iQue on iPad) helps you remember what you forgot.

FORGET is the only iPhone application based on the psychology of memory association and recognition, with technology that actually mimics the way your brain remembers. It’s brain friendly and best of all, it doesn’t forget! And FORGET is FREE. Get it now.

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Featured in the Dec. 17, 2011 "One of the 7 Most Recommended Smartphone Apps for elderly" article and in the April 2, 2011 "Technology Innovation Penetrating the Senior's Market" article by the Chile's largest newspaper El Mercurio
Rated by AppCraver as one of the top 10 productivity apps in 2010
Featured in March 9, 2010 of ZDNet's Apple Core


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