What is INFOMATO iMindTM? - Windows software cue that helps you recall

What is INFOMATO iMind?

INFOMATO iMind is a patented, innovative Windows software application that helps you remember the day-to-day "clutter" of details that comprise 80-90% of your personal data. iMind is not a brain fitness program. We know that your brain is already overworked. INFOMATO iMind actually remembers the details for you so that you can better focus on the big picture.

INFOMATO's unique technology helps you harness the power of your unconscious memory, which does not decline with age.

INFOMATO iMind was created by experienced inventor, Dr. Wayne Lo, who was inspired to solve his own information overload problems while managing small teams of engineers at Applied Materials and Schlumberger Technologies.

INFOMATO will give you an edge at work or school by turning your computer memory into an extension of your own human memory.


Who will benefit from INFOMATO?
Those who have run out of human memory - like me, Dr. Wayne Lo

Does the following profile apply to you?man stressed

1. You are a master multi-tasker, but you sometimes have trouble recalling those pesky nitty-gritty details when you jump from one project to another.

2. You need to remember too many names, events, terms and special moments on a daily basis.

3. You have too many files in too many places and you have a tough time keeping track of them.

4. You usually use a PC (XP or above) that has at least ~1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM.

5. You feel an urge to acquire more human memory if you could.

System Requirements
  • Operating System (OS): Windows Vista, XP or Server 2003 (or above) - Yes, INFOMATO iMind can function as an intranet server for home or group share!

  • Computer types:  mini notebook, laptop, desktop, server

  • RAM: at least ~1 gigabyte (GB)

  • CPU: 1 gigahertz (Ghz) or higher

Modules of INFOMATO iMind

The software consists of the basic application and several optional utilities:

Main  Core application:
  • icon INFOMATO Magic Reminders: This self-organizing technology structures on-the-fly the relevant reminders that best meet your immediate needs. You can copy/paste or drag/drop Windows files/folders, web links/favorites, emails (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail Desktop (free), Windows Mail, Hotmail, Gmail) or INFOMATO Notebook pages into Magic Reminders.
  • icon INFO INFOMATO Notebook: A simple notebook application that helps you log day-to-day notes. The look-and-feel is just like your email application. It is more effective than conventional notebooks because it lets you bind together loose notes that become scattered over time. You can quickly see the logic flow. It is well integrated into Magic Reminders; each note can be saved into Magic Reminders for an integrated view with other types of data.
  • icon Network Utility: Allows you to remote-connect to another INFOMATO-powered PC within your own (home or business) intranet using http protocol.
Optional Utilities:
  • icon Account Management Utility: Allows you to create password-protected accounts for different projects or for other members in your group. You can easily switch between different accounts.
  • icon Windows Folder Import Utility: Automatically scans files in Windows folders and sub-folders, and then imports them into INFOMATO Magic Reminders.
  • icon Data Backup & Move Utility: Allows you to automatically backup your INFOMATO database. You can restore your previous INFOMATO database or move your INFOMATO database to another INFOMATO-powered PC.
  • icon Pro User Utility: For advanced users only. A background application that monitors your Windows folders' file creation/save, rename, and delete activities and then updates them in one designated account in Magic Reminders. If a folder was moved but not updated in the INFOMATO database, it allows you to manually update a folder location.

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