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About Dr. Wayne Lo

Wayne LoWith more than 15 US patents, Dr. Lo is an experienced inventor and a think-outside-of-the-box technologist. INFOMATO Personal Database is the latest innovation by Dr. Wayne Lo to help relieve stress on human memory that exists in today's information overload society. In 2008 Dr. Wayne Lo and INFOMATO were featured in an article in the Word Journal (世界日報), a well circulated news paper in the US Chinese community. In 2001 he was inducted into the Patent Hall of Fame at Schlumberger Technologies' Semiconductor Solutions Division, achieving this honor in record time. One of his more recent inventions was adopted as the platform for the development of a next generation electron beam wafer inspection system by a major semiconductor equipment company. His first invention during college (*100% mechanical lock that utilizes binary logic and is programmable via passwords.) was granted both US and Japanese patents and was awarded the highest honor in a specific category in the 1984 Young Research and Invention Contest hosted by the Ministry of Education, Taiwanese government.

Dr. Lo has an excellent track record in innovation, technology development, and technology commercialization within a multi-disciplinary environment that includes software, physics, electronics, and mechanics. At Applied Materials he held the position of Senior Technical Member of Staff and managed a team working on the development of advanced electron beam wafer inspection systems. Prior to joining Applied Materials, he held a similar management and technical position at Schlumberger Technologies' Semiconductor Solutions Division.

Dr. Lo earned his Ph.D. in surface physics from the University of California at Riverside under the direction of Professor Jory Yarmoff. His dissertation research on the atomic scale etching of silicon was conducted in large part using synchrotron x-ray radiation resources at Brookhaven National Laboratory. He conducted his postdoctoral research on low-voltage, electron-beam nano-fabrication and Monte Carlo simulations with Professor Harold Craighead at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, making extensive use of the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility.

Dr. Lo has been practicing Tai-chi for more than 25 years, during which time he has gained insight into how and why Tai Chi can improve health and reduce stress. He also discovered a unique and effective solution for helping office workers recover from chronic neck and back pain. Married with one daughter, he and his family live in Campbell, California.

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Awarded US Patents:

US patent #7,480,669
US patent #7,262,418
US patent #7,253,645
US patent #7,067,809
US patent #6,914,441

US patent #6,750,455
US patent #6,566,897
US patent #6,504,393
US patent #6,539,106
US patent #6,509,750
US patent # 6,344,750
US patent # 6,232,787
US patent # 6,252,705
US patent # 6,252,412
US patent # 6,091,249
US patent # 5,920,073
US Patent # 4,627,252/ Japan patent #1711388

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