Document pain - Can you remember where and why you save those emails, documents and web bookmarks.

Can INFOMATO help me remember where my documents are?

add documentsThere must be a motive for why you are looking for the documents. Once you are cued with the related reminders, You will remember the specific motive and find what you need.

You can easily attached emails, files, web bookmarks, notes into a reminder. So you do not need to keep track of where they are in too many applications. Again, let us using the previous time capsule example:

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Problem: Because 80% - 90% of information is unstructured, your folders always become a mess. You need photographic memory to remember how to navigate in the maze.

Have you ever noticed that you need turn by turn instruction to get to the right folders. The documents (E-mails, files, web bookmarks, notes) you want always end up scattered in multiple places?

In the following example, there are three "Bank1" sub-folders scattered within the "Personal Finance" folder, which branches off like a tree.

folder tree example

Ideally, when our focus is on "Bank1," life is much easier if the "Bank1" folders re-organize into three branches: You can easily see which branch meets your needs.

folder tree example

See how INFOMATO achieves the above objective, but with a different user interface. You don't need to spend time and effort sorting out the folder organization (tree) within the clutter:

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See what you do currently without INFOMATO:

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