Memory Problems - Who is best to prompt your subconscious?

Problem: You cannot remember names, terms or events.

There are occasions when your memory acts up, just when you need it the most.

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If this happens when you have your computer at hand (talking over the phone, IM, meetings, etc), INFOMATO will help you recall (using your subconscious) by showing you relevant reminders. For example, if you group together the following terms

  • "Hayao Miyazaki"
  • "Studio Ghibli"
  • "Japanese Disney"

as a reminder, you can later "recognize" this Japanese name through the faint impression of easy terms like "Japan", "Disney" or "studio".

Watch demo(1a) video demo

Problem: You need to followup on a task with a long due date, but can you remember the context when it is due?

 Do you have tasks that you need to followup on and track? For instance, how do you remember the details of special moments, like burying time capsules with your child? Do you jot down the time capsule locations and dates on a piece of paper? Memorize them? Tell your friend? Or Email yourself? Can you find the information easily after weeks or months? How will you remember where they are buried after 10 or 20 years?

To create a reminder for this task is easy. If you group together

  • "time capsule,"
  • "under cherry tree,"
  • "1/1/2008,"

you will be reminded when and where you buried your time capsule, even after 20 years. Here's how you can create the reminder:

Watch demo(1b) video demo

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