Layout - iPad vs. iPhone

To take advantage of iPad's larger screen, iPad has a very different user interface layout from iPhone / iPod Touch when iPad is in landscape mode.

iPad landscape mode

There are three page views in this application: History(1, above), Reminders(2) and Create(3). When in landscape mode, you will see all three pages all in once. You will find this mode is more convenient to use because you don't need to switch between pages. But you do trade the convenience for a smaller size view for each of the pages.

In the History page, it displays a list of most recent keywords in reverse chronological order. You may also view the recent reminders by tapping the first row. Tapping any of the keywords will show you a list of related reminders by automatically bring you to the Reminder page.

In the Reminders page, it displays a list of reminders that are related to the search keywords. You may narrow down the search by tapping more keywords shown in this page.

In the Create page, you may enter any number of keywords and associate them to create a reminder. You may also tap the red "+" button of a keyword in any of the three pages to add the keyword to your new association.

iPhone & iPad portrait mode

On iPhone or iPod Touch, the app only works in portrait mode. When in portrait mode, you only view one page each time. You may switch page by tapping one of the three tabbar buttons (1, above). The app will also automatically switch page for you depending on your interactions.

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