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Remotely interact with that Windows® application you wrote, using an Apple® iPhone or iPad. More ...

Forget / iQue

The forgetful person's instant recall machine on Apple iOS devices. More ...


Tap into the power of human subconscious memory to guide your train of thought. More ...

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We constantly rethink what computer and mobile technology could do for you.

INFOMATO®, incorporated in California, USA since 2005. Click here to search our online record (INFOMATO, Inc.) on the California Business Portal. We're based in Silicon Valley, California.

Founded by Dr. Wayne C. Lo, received initial funding from five angle investors:
Dr. Wayne Lo
CEO / Founder

With more than 15 US patents, Dr. Lo is an experienced inventor and a think-outside-of-the-box technologist. In 2001 he was inducted into the Patent Hall of Fame at Schlumberger Technologies' Semiconductor Solutions Division, achieving this honor in record time. More ...

David Conrod
Business Advisor

Started two banking data processing companies, utilizing sophisticated banking software, and marketed nationally and a little internationally. Sold these companies.

Deck Officer In U. S. Coast Guard serving on Buoy Tender off the coast of Maine. Sales Manager, Branch Manager Service Bureau Corp., subsidiary of I. B. M. ( Baltimore, Washington, D. C., Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, and New York ).

Dr. Jerry Fuqua
VP of User Experience

An early pioneer of commercial web services, Dr. Fuqua was a co-founder of Internet Information Systems,, and World Point Interactive.

Early development with produced the first online human resource database and search engine, as well as a public library of over 12,000 medical images viewable on the web. A researcher and program manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Naval Ocean Systems Center, Dr. Fuqua led efforts in complex systems modeling, artificial neural network simulation, and digital vision development for robotic systems.

Our products

iQuipment (iPhone, iPad, Windows)

It is equivalent to let you create your own unique Apple mobile app to remotely control that Windows application you developed from any iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, WITHOUT the hassle of writing any Apple iOS code and submitting it to the iTunes® store for approval. Learn More

Forget (iPhone)/ iQue (iPad)

The forgetful person's "instant recall machine". When you forget something important, is the process of trying to remember it a pain? Not if your iPhone / iPad delivers hints along the way to jog your memory when you're stuck. Learn More

iMind (Windows)

iMind is a heavy duty Windows software application (with an underlying SQL database engine) that actually reminds you about the details of daily workload.

When you forget, in most cases you just need some cues (hints) to bring the memory back to your conscious. iMind provides the critical cues so you can say "Oh, I remember now!" Learn More

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