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INFOMATO was featured in the World Journal's (世界日報, a widely circulated news paper in the US Chinese community).

The article entitled " INFOMATO Enters (human) Memory Market" was reported in the Silicon Valley Technology of local news section on October 2, 2008.

World Journal News Paper

(Highlights in English)

" INFOMATO Enters (human) Memory Market"

During college the founder of INFOMATO, Wayne Lo, was awarded the Young Inventor Award by the Taiwan government's Ministry of Education for the invention of a mechanical binary lock. He recently was granted for a US patent for the invention of new database data structure for processing (human) memory using database software. He pointed out that in the era of the Internet and information explosion, knowing how to deal with unstructured information is essential. His invention helps people search, organize and remember the unstructured information they encountered in every day life. Several years ago Wayne Lo left Applied Materials and founded INFOMATO. He received angel funding from the business owners of the Bertie Biotech Enterprise, the Edom Technology, and the Yangtec Electronics Corp. in Taiwan ...

Thank to the Internet information spreads easily. But the inforamtion also place upon us a huge burden to memorize and organize the information we received every day. INFOMATO software helps people remember the nitty-gritty of this huge body of information. It is like having a personal secretary. The software assists people in managing and memorizing their information. INFOMATO 's target customers are corporate managers and engineers...

Wayne has a strong technical background and has received numerous awards for his US patents. He left the big corporate "safe haven" to be an entrepreneur. He knows each of us has different goals in life. Personally, dreaming about having a big house is not part of his goal...

Slicon Valley is the focal point of the world's venture capital. It has a great entrepreneurship infrastructure and supportive communities. It will be a waste if not ever be part of the actions. Even thought facing a great uncertainty, he is willing to give his best shot to develop a useful product for the market.